Dock Jumping

Dock Diving for Dogs for Houston, TX

We offer a dock for your dog to learn dock jumping / dock diving during their private swim hour.  Our dock is up March - December, depending on weather. It is not up in the winter as our winter pool dome does not cover it. 

Your dog is your loyal companion and a treasured member of your family. They keep your home happy and jovial throughout the year, and just like humans, dogs could use a break from the day-to-day schedule and enjoy a day of fun. If you live in the Houston, TX, area, our dock diving for dogs can be just what your adorable member of the family needs.

We are excited to teach your dog new tricks and help them enjoy a fun place to jump into the water and learn how to participate in the popular sport of dog dock diving. Our dedicated dog enthusiasts are excited to get to know you and your dog so that you can enjoy a memorable and relaxing day at the dock. If you are ready to treat your dog to a fun time, visit our dog dock diving location in Houston, TX, today.

A Fun Day in the Sun

When you decide to visit Rummy’s Beach Club, you can rest assured that both you and your dog will be treated with care. Our fun center is designed to help you relax and have fun with your dog as they learn how to dive from the dock and catch balls and sticks that we throw into the air. Our facility is clean, organized, and ready to accommodate the needs of your beloved dog.

What makes our facility special is that it is designed to bring out the confident and energetic side of your beloved pet. Whether your dog is young and needs to learn how to swim or has gone through a traumatic injury and could benefit from an enjoyable time at the pool, our team is excited to help your dog have the best day possible with you in Houston, TX.

If you are ready for a wonderful experience that the team at Rummy’s Beach Club can facilitate, connect with us today through our helpful contact page.