Dog and Puppy Swimming Training near Huntsville, TX

Huntsville, TX — like most of the greater Houston area — abounds with opportunities for you and your dog to swim together. If your dog needs a little extra experience and confidence in the water, book a session at our private dog swimming pool for a dog swimming training opportunity.

Whether you need some time for puppy swimming training or need to get a senior or inexperienced dog to spend some time in the water, a private session at Rummy’s Beach Club of Spring, TX can give you time and an ideal environment to show your dog how fun the water can be for them.

Why Rummy’s Beach Club?

For over 12 years, Rummy’s Beach Club has provided a dog-centric swimming pool for private appointments so nervous, senior, and generally inexperienced dogs can have a safe and stress-free environment to develop and hone their swimming skills. Your dog will learn how safe and fun it is to swim with you, gain trust and happy associations with being by your side in the water, and have fun.

To book your dog a session and set them on the path to being a confident swimmer, fill out our new client form online. If you have any more questions, email or call +1 (713) 446-3805.