Puppy Swim Classes

Puppy Swim Classes

Puppy Class Information

For puppies 4 – 12 months of age.  Your vaccination paperwork must show all recommended puppy shots have been given and your puppy’s approximate age to be admitted into the class.

Wednesdays 10-11am x 3 weeks, starting June 29, so:

June 29

July 6

July 13

Rainout day July 20

$300 per puppy

Your puppy will learn how to swim in a safe, controlled environment in a pool custom designed for dogs and puppies. Your puppy MAY learn:

How to swim in shallow and deep water with and without life jackets

How to balance, float & jump off a pool floatie in the water

How to jump off the side of the pool

If you puppy already knows how to swim, this is not the class for them.  This is a class for puppies with no experience in water. Puppies must be sociable and get along with people and puppies.  1 person (age 16 or older) per puppy.  If you bring extra people or puppies, they will be asked to leave the property until class is over. Please don't bring people, puppies or dogs and leave them in your car or have them walk around our neighborhood while you are in class. That will disturb our class and they will likely run into dogs in the neighborhood as not all of our neighbors keep their dogs behind a fence, unfortunately.

Must allow pictures and videos and sign photo release form because pictures and videos will be posted on multiple social media sites and may be used in Rummy’s marketing. 

No makeup classes unless we have inclement weather and must cancel a class. 

Please have control of your puppy the entire class.  Puppies must be on leashes and not interrupt other swimmers. NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES.  If you or your puppy continually interrupt the class, you will be removed from the class.

Protect your skin from scratches and wear long sleeves / shorts.

Bring a comforter or towels for the ride home as they may pee in the car

We have life jackets for all sizes of puppies and ear cleaner to clean their ears.

DO NOT FEED your puppy on the morning of swim class to decrease chances of poop / vomit in the pool.

If your puppy is sick or has diarrhea, do not bring him to class. 

If your puppy is significantly timid or shy, this is not the best learning environment for them and we recommend you sign them up for a private swim class.

If your puppy is reactive, we recommend you sign them up for a private swim class.  

If your puppy is aggressive or bites, they will be asked to leave and we will give you dog training facility recommendations.

Ready to get started?

Fill out a new client form for your puppy coming on our web site here:  https://rummysbeachclub.com/contact-us/   Please be sure to complete the photo release form – it is required for this class.  The instructions on page 1 of the new client form are for our private swimmers only, though many apply to our puppy class. 

Payment can be made via Pay Pal on our web site:  https://rummysbeachclub.com/rates-and-services/  and pay $300 for your puppy class @ Rummy's.  Please pay for 2 private swims, which will total $300 - OR – you can mail your payment to Rummy's Beach Club, 22111 Fields Ln, Spring, TX 77389. Payment must be made before we add you to the class roster.