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Rummy's Beach Club

Do you ever get tired of doing the same thing with your pets? Do you want to change things up or add something new to your routine? It's important to note that animals do thrive on routine, but there's also immense enjoyment and mental stimulation in exploring new places and trying fresh experiences. That's where Rummy's Beach Club comes into play, offering a truly unique opportunity for your furry friend to learn how to swim or or sharpen the skills they already have. Ultimately, it's about creating cherished memories together with your beloved pets. Rummy's Beach Club creates a one-of-a-kind experience all year round. In the end, it's all about being together and making those priceless memories with your pets.
Considering the abundance of dog parks and pet-friendly venues available for your canine companion, Rummy's Beach Club should unquestionably be on your radar. It's a hidden gem nestled in Houston and its surrounding areas. Whether you wish to boost your dog's water confidence, teach them to swim, engage in exhilarating dock jumping, or simply bask in the splendor of our gorgeous dog park, Rummy's Beach Club caters to a diverse range of needs. For those with older dogs or pups suffering from arthritis, the therapeutic advantages of swimming are immeasurable. And if you have a younger pup, we're here to help them become proficient swimmers, enhance their skills, and ensure they're thoroughly worn out by the end of the day!

9 Reasons To Visit Rummy's Beach Club

When we say PRIVATE - we mean PRIVATE! All of our appointments are PRIVATE - you have the entire facility to yourself plus 1 or 2 staff members. You can bring up to 3 dogs and 3 people age 16 and older - sorry no children under age 16 allowed. There are no steps in the pool or pool area. We offer:

Private VIP Session

Dock Diving

Shallow swimming

Winter Pool Dome


Dog park


Photography & Video


Heated Walk in pool


Experienced Staff


Retail Store

Dog Swimming
Private Dog Swim
Dog Photography & Video
Winter Swimming
Private Dog Park

Rummy’s Beach Club is truly for all dogs. All dogs and clients are welcome. Many of Rummy’s clients come because they simply love the vibe and they don’t have to worry about interactions with other dogs. They can mentally and physically relax and enjoy the moment. For the dogs that may be uncomfortable or perhaps fearful of water, Rummy’s will give them the extra support needed to help that pup learn to trust and tips to help pet parents too. The pool has a beach entry and large shallow area where we can play with dogs who are scared of water and make it a positive experience until they are confident enough to swim. The pool is 50′ wide and 4′ deep, so plenty big enough to accommodate big pups like Mastiffs and Great Danes. If your pup is learning how to swim and doesn’t know how just yet, no problem! We use life jackets because this is the safest way to teach a pup to swim. Going at your dog’s pace to learn to swim is important for lifetime fun of dog swimming! Some dogs learn to swim immediately right off the bat and others require more time, space, and patience. Rummy’s offers creative teaching methods when it comes to dog swimming and dock jumping. IF you have had problems getting your pup to love the water, bring them to Rummy’s Beach Club.

One of the best perks of Rummy’s Beach Club is that it is a PRIVATE club. It is only you and your dog(s) on the property. Who doesn’t want that VIP experience? This makes it great for older dogs, dogs with health, or dogs with behavioral issues. Our client’s love all the private amenities offered at Rummy’s: dock diving, year-round swimming (the pool is covered by a dome in the winter and the water is warm), swimming lessons, fun photography and video, retail stores, and 1 acre of dog park sniff and seek fun too.

Your dog’s safety is important to us at Rummy’s Beach Club. We will make sure your experience with us is not only fun but also safe. Life jackets for pups that want or need them offer safety or to help build confidence for our private clients. We also feature a beach entry pool for those learning to swim or learning a new skill can help them safely enjoy their new activity with us.

We have thought of everything to make your time special with us. Rummy’s offers life jackets, toys, photography, and even goodies for purchase in our retail store. Rummy’s Beach Club has life jackets for your pup as they learn to swim. We also offer all the water toys to play with for dogs of all sizes. Toys that float, sink, and squeak! Of course, you are welcome to bring your pets water toys too. We even have pool sprinklers for those dogs that love them and can adjust the spray for your special pup that loves to play with pool sprinklers!

We want to be sure they have a wonderful experience. Rummy’s Beach Club also goes above and beyond to provide professional photos of your session with us. We post videos on our social media of your pups having fun if our customers want that too. Rummy’s can capture that moment of amusement and focus as your pup is going for that toy under water or about to jump into the water that first time and turn it into that wonderful keepsake. Rummy’s Beach Club takes amazing underwater photos for those pups that dive underwater to get toys. Capturing those fun and silly moments melt our hearts too! Many of our client’s rave about our special skill here creating priceless memories to look back on years from now. Around the holidays, we set up a photo booth, props, and costumes with themed photos for the major holidays to make your private session with us that much extra special.

In the winter, we protect our client’s and their pups from the cold weather and wind by adding a Winter Dome. This is a cover place over the pool area and a changing area. The pool is heated, the water is warm and ready to play in for you and your pups! Swimming with Rummy’s Beach Club is enjoyed year round. Swimming shouldn’t end in the summer. Just like us, your pup’s joints can get stiff if they are older with lack of movement. Movement is medicine to achy joints…your joints too! If you have a younger dog, they may be bored and would love an exciting time at Rummy’s. Show your fur babies how much you care by taking them to Rummy’s Beach Club. You won’t regret it.

Rummy’s Beach Club offers one acre of fun for your pups to run and be off leash from the moment they enter the gate! They have full access to the dog park to engage in a variety of activities that bring them joy and excitement. Some run freely, chasing after tennis balls or playing with their siblings. Some dogs eagerly explore our park’s terrain, sniffing and investigating new scents. Between sniffs and tail wags, it’s a place where dogs can exercise, socialize, and simply be themselves, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere for both dogs and their owners to enjoy.

PRIVATE Dog Swimming Pool!

Rummy's Beach Club offers a private dog swimming pool & private one-acre dog park near Houston, Texas dedicated to welcoming all dogs & puppies since 2009, helping their confidence blossom in and out of the water.

Who is Dog Swimming for?

Anyone that has a dog they love and want to spoil and take them to their very own private oasis. Great for all adults at any age. Swimming with your dog is an activity that is suitable for adults of all ages, including seniors. It's a low-impact exercise that offers numerous benefits to individuals at various stages of life. For older adults, swimming can be particularly advantageous because it provides a full-body workout without putting excessive stress on joints and muscles. The buoyancy of the water helps reduce the risk of injury, making it an excellent choice for those looking to maintain their fitness and flexibility as they age. Moreover, swimming offers relaxation and stress relief, making it an enjoyable and therapeutic activity that can be embraced by people of all adult age groups. Whether you're in your 30s, 60s, or beyond, taking a dip in the pool can contribute to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

We Welcome All Kinds of Puppy Dogs!

Because Rummy's is completely PRIVATE, we attract dogs with behavioral issues like dog aggression, dog reactivity, human reactivity, old dogs, handicapped dogs, pregnant dogs, unaltered dogs, really big dogs & really small dogs. Your dogs don't have to be neutered or spayed and can be in heat. Why? Because we are completely PRIVATE. There are no other dogs here except your dogs when you come here.

Some dogs, like some people, need more time to be comfortable in new places and around new people. Many pandemic dogs are shy and timid after the pandemic and have not been socialized properly. At Rummy's we give dogs the time they need, the space they need and help them succed and gain confidence.


Because Rummy's Beach Club is completely PRIVATE, our Facility is perfect for:

Dogs Aggressive Dogs

We embrace all dogs, including those with aggressive tendencies, as they believe every pup deserves a chance to splash, play, and learn in a safe and controlled environment

Reactive Dogs

We welcome reactive dogs, offering a supportive space where they can enjoy pool fun while learning to socialize and relax in a safe, understanding environment

Scared/Timid Dogs

We provide a gentle and patient atmosphere, ideal for scared or timid dogs to gain confidence and enjoy new experiences at their own comfortable pace.

Handicapped Dogs

Our facility warmly welcomes handicapped dogs, offering a nurturing environment with accessible facilities that cater to their special needs for a joyful, inclusive pool experience.

Old Dogs

We are a haven for old dogs, providing a serene and comfortable setting where they can enjoy leisurely swims and relaxed pool time at their own pace.

Dogs with issues

Our staff is dedicated to accepting dogs with various issues, offering a compassionate and supportive environment where they can thrive, play, and receive understanding care.

What We Are Passionate About

For 13 years, people have been coming to our private dog pool to celebrate dog birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, and…….well, we celebrate everything. When a dog jumps in the pool – YAY! When a timid dog learns to swim – YAY! When a dog swims for the first time after an amputation – YAY! We love to dress dogs (and you) up for a dog birthday and holidays - everyday is a dog holiday at our dog pool!

Positive Vibes Spread All-Around

We use positive methods and don't force or throw dogs in the pool. We are here to help you, and your doggies have FUN! There will be 1-2 staff members helping you and taking pictures & videos of your dogs having fun to share on social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Tik-Tok, Yelp & we also send them directly to you! Dog lovers have driven to Rummy's for dog vacations (yes - us crazy dog people take dog vacations) from Arkansas, Nebraska, Mississippi, Louisiana, New York, Colorado, South Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Alabama, California, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and more - they follow us on social media. If you like to watch puppies and dogs swimming, dogs dock diving / dock jumping, dogs diving underwater, dogs playing in a private dog park and see silly dog photography – follow us on social media. We have a lot of fun and share it with the world.

Rummy's Beach Club Story

Founded on the bedrock of love for a rescued dog that had once endured abuse, coupled with an ardent desire to assist other dogs facing various health or behavioral challenges, Rummy's Beach Club is undoubtedly one of Houston's most distinctive treasures for both canines and their human companions. The driving force behind this unique establishment is none other than its owner, Lisa Goebel, who drew inspiration from the remarkable journey of a resilient Siberian Husky named Rummy. Rummy's early life was marred by neglect, leaving him blind, emaciated, and afflicted with mange, until the intervention of the compassionate Husky Haven rescue organization. Under their dedicated care, Rummy was nursed back to health, and it was during this time that Lisa assumed the role of his foster mother. Their transformative journey was eloquently chronicled in an essay submitted to the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue contest, where they secured the coveted first place nationally.

This accolade thrust Rummy into the public eye, and together with Lisa, he embarked on numerous appearances, often engaging with children while Lisa shared invaluable insights on topics such as dog rescue, the importance of spaying and neutering animals, and the perils of puppy mills. In unity, Lisa and Rummy became formidable advocates for abused animals, utilizing education as a potent tool to bring about positive change. Lisa eventually adopted Rummy, and it was through this profound experience that the vision for Rummy's Beach Club was born – a place where dogs and their owners can forge meaningful connections, guided by a deep well of compassion and a shared commitment to improving the lives of dogs everywhere.
Rummy's Beach Club

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We highly recommend checking out Bailey's Blend frozen food topper. Fresh vegetables to your dog's plate. They will absolutely love it. Don't leave without getting one of Rummy's special designed shirts!
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