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PRIVATE Dog Swimming Pool!

Rummy's Beach Club offers a private dog swimming pool & private one-acre dog park near Houston, Texas dedicated to welcoming all dogs & puppies since 2009, helping their confidence blossom in and out of the water.

A Playful Dog Swimming in a Pool
Dog Jumps in to the Swimming Pool With Toy

Enjoy Our Private Dog Swimming Pool

When we say PRIVATE - we mean PRIVATE!  All of our appointments are PRIVATE - you have the entire facility to yourself plus 1 or 2 staff members.  You can bring up to 3 dogs and 3 people age 16 and older - sorry no children under age 16 allowed. There are no steps in the pool or pool area.  We offer:

Dog Swimming & Puppy Swimming
Dock Jumping & Dock Diving
Underwater Dog Diving & Photography
Teach Dogs to Swim & Teach Puppies to Swim
Teach Dogs to Dock Dive & Teach Puppies to Dock Dive
Teach Dogs to Dive Underwater & Teach Puppies to Dive Underwater
Teach Dogs & Puppies to chill on big pool floaties
Dress Dogs & Puppies (and you) up for silly pictures

Private Dog Swimming for You
& Your Dog near Houston, Texas!

Rummy's Beach Club

Rummy's Beach Club is a PRIVATE puppy dog swimming pool in Spring, Texas – north of Houston, TX, south of The Woodlands, TX, west of Kingwood, Texas and east of Cypress, Texas. Enjoy our PRIVATE one-acre dog park and PRIVATE puppy dog pool custom-built for dogs that is heated, has a state-of-the-art cleaning and disinfecting system and open year-round.  Our pool is maintained by the owner, Lisa Goebel, a Certified Pool Operator and retired Physician Assistant who has been involved in dog rescue most of her life.

We Welcome All Kinds of Puppy Dogs!

Because Rummy's is completely PRIVATE, we attract dogs with behavioral issues like dog aggression, dog reactivity, human reactivity, old dogs, handicapped dogs, pregnant dogs, unaltered dogs, really big dogs & really small dogs. Your dogs don't have to be neutered or spayed and can be in heat.  Why?  Because we are completely PRIVATE.  There are no other dogs here except your dogs when you come here.

Some dogs, like some people, need more time to be comfortable in new places and around new people.  Many pandemic dogs are shy and timid after the pandemic and have not been socialized properly.  At Rummy's we give dogs the time they need, the space they need and help them succed and gain confidence.

A Playful Dog Swimming in a Pool with Yellow color Toy

What We Are Passionate About

For 13 years, people have been coming to our private dog pool to celebrate dog birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, and…….well, we celebrate everything. When a dog jumps in the pool – YAY! When a timid dog learns to swim – YAY! When a dog swims for the first time after an amputation – YAY!  We love to dress dogs (and you) up for a dog birthday and holidays - everyday is a dog holiday at our dog pool!

A women Holding Pug in the Swimming Pool

Positive Vibes Spread All-Around

We use positive methods and don't force or throw dogs in the pool. We are here to help you, and your doggies have FUN! There will be 1-2 staff members helping you and taking pictures & videos of your dogs having fun to share on social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Tik-Tok, Yelp & we also send them directly to you! Dog lovers have driven to Rummy's for dog vacations (yes - us crazy dog people take dog vacations) from Arkansas, Nebraska, Mississippi, Louisiana, New York, Colorado, South Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Alabama, California, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and more - they follow us on social media. If you like to watch puppies and dogs swimming, dogs dock diving / dock jumping, dogs diving underwater, dogs playing in a private dog park and see silly dog photography – follow us on social media. We have a lot of fun and share it with the world.