Our Rates and Services for Swimming with Your Dogs!

Come Swim in Our Private Dog Pool Facility in Spring, Texas

  • First Swim / 1 Private Dog Swim - $150 - $150 / Hour
  • 3 Private Dog Swims - $450 - $150 / Hour
  • 5 Private Dog Swims - $650 - $130 / Hour
  • 10 Private Dog Swims - $1100 - $110 / Hour

Season Passes expire 1 year after purchase.


Forms First

Complete the new client form here on our web site for each dog you are bringing. The vet referral form is NOT mandatory but preferred if your dog has had surgery or chemotherapy recently. The photography release form is mandatory if you want pictures or videos taken. 

Proof of Vaccinations

Along with the new client forms, please email us proof of current vaccinations or titers for rabies, parvovirus, parainfluenza, distemper, hepatitis, etc.

Make Your Appointment

After you have sent us your new client forms and proof of vaccinations, make your appointment. Just click on the "Schedule Now" button on the right of this page, create an account and follow the links.

Our Capacity

You can bring up to 3 dogs and 3 people age 16 or older on the property per session. If you bring 3 dogs, they MUST know each other and play nicely. Do not bring dogs or children and leave them in the car. NO CHILDREN under age 16 allowed on the property for liability reasons. Age 16 & up with proof of age only.

Our Exclusive Services

RUMMY'S - is an exclusive, PRIVATE facility. When you come to Rummy's, you and your dogs are the only ones using the facility. You will be accompanied by a staff member, but no other people or dogs are using the facility while you are here. Enjoy our one-acre PRIVATE dog park, PRIVATE dog swimming pool, bathroom facilities, and dressing rooms. Your dogs are going to have so much FUN!!!

Warm Water Swimming

Warm water swimming can help so many canine ailments. It helps with pain, arthritis, dysplasia, walking difficulties, back problems, injuries, stiffness, obesity, anxiety, low self-esteem....and it is so much FUN!!!


  • 24-hour Cancellation Required for One-hour Appointments.
  • 48-hour Cancellation Required for Two-hour Appointments.
  • 72-hour Cancellation Required for Three-hour Appointments.

If you cancel your appointment with less than 24, 48, or 72 hours notice (respectively), you are responsible for payment of that appointment. We hate to do this; we won't stay in business long if we don't.


If there is bad weather here, and we can't swim, we will contact you. If there is bad weather where you are, and you don't want to drive through it, call or text us and let us know. We do NOT swim if there is thunder & lightning. You are not charged for weather-related cancellations.


DO NOT FEED your dog 3 hours BEFORE swimming, or you may see it again in the pool or in your car. Eating stimulates the GI tract and significantly increases the chances of vomit, aspiration, and/or poop in the pool. Treats can be given once your dogs are done swimming.

Protect your skin from dog claws & sun. Workout clothes or a bathing suit covered with a t-shirt works fine. Don't forget towels for your dogs. In the winter, you may want to bring old comforters for your dogs to sleep in and stay warm after swimming.

There is a heated dressing room next to the pool where you can change clothes. We have dog life jackets of every size, hundreds of dog toys & ear cleaners for dog ears after swimming to prevent ear infections (like swimmer's ear for people).


If you sign our photography release form, this gives us permission to take pictures & videos of your dogs and share them on Facebook, Youtube, use them in advertising, etc. We will also email you the pictures and videos so you can share them with your friends & family.

If you are interested in underwater photography, we are happy to try to get pictures of your dog underwater, but please know that good underwater photography requires a lot of things to be perfect – lighting, background, camera, a dog that knows how to dive underwater, etc.

Dock Jumping / Dock Diving

Rummy's has a beginner dock to help dogs learn how to dock jump / dock dive in the pool, April - November. Dogs MUST know how to swim before learning dock jumping / dock diving. If your dog does not know how to swim, we will teach your dog to swim. If your dog swims but doesn't jump into a pool, Rummy's is a good beginner place for your dog to learn. If your dog already jumps into a pool, Rummy's is a great place to practice dock jumping.


Please park in the street near our driveway and stay in your car with your dogs, so you don't interrupt the dog swimming before you. When it is your appointment time, the large drive-in gates open, and the dog swimming before you will drive out, then you can drive-in. Once inside Rummy's & the gates are closed, let your dogs out to RUN all around, pee and poop.


Our Neighborhood

Please don't walk your dog in our neighborhood. There are stray dogs, dogs that live here but are not fenced, as well as chickens, goats, horses, etc. Please don't bother our neighbors or their animals. We will take time to walk your dogs inside of Rummy's because that is where the good smells are. Smelling is so important for dogs and helps encourage them to pee and poop.

German Shepherd and Black Labrador on the Green Field
Old Women With Dog in the Swimming Pool


We offer private hourly swims only. Our swim packages are called Season Passes, and you have one year to use them. When you buy multiple-hour season passes, you can use the hours once a week, once a month – however, you want to use them. You can pay with a credit card online below, or you can pay with cash, check, or credit card during your appointment. We accept all major credit cards.

Questions? Email us at: